Social Media Marketing Course

This course is latest and according to international market.

šŸ‘‰ Ā Just Practical Work

Social Media Marketing Course

Why You Should Learn From us?

It is good question and everybody will think that why to join IT Ki Dunya to learn WordPress online course. So, the answer is simple.

  • we teach practically
  • We provide recorded lectures to our students
  • We provide lifetime support for our students
  • We provide certificate to our passing students
  • We provide internship as well as full time jobs to our students
  • We provide branded T – Shirt to allĀ  students after passing course
  • Female students can get projects from company and perform from their homes
  • We provide freelancing opportunities to our talented students

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What You Learn

What is Social Media Marketing?
Facebook Advertising
Instagram AdvertisingĀ 
Twitter Advertising
LinkedIn Advertising
YouTube Advertising
Conversions Tracking
Brands Boosting
Social Engagements Boosting

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