10 Essential Questions for Hiring the RIGHT SEO Company

10 Essential Questions for Hiring the RIGHT SEO Company

Suppose you’ve decided that your business needs to bring in some outside SEO help. Now you are lasting with one pressing question: how do I find the right SEO company?

You have a short list of a few good candidates for becoming your SEO experts.

The next step is to interview them. You can ask the team these questions:

Q 1: What is your online experience?

How many years have they been working online?

Is it a new company or established (and for how long)? and

Who are the SEO experts behind the company?

You need this information to understand their background, experience and, most importantly.

Who is going to be responsible for your website’s SEO?

Q 2: What kind of services do you offer

The most important is for SEO to work on content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, and PPC marketing to utilize all possible ways of promoting your brand or business online.

Q 3: Do you have a client portfolio?

One of the easy ways to understand more information about a company is to look at their client portfolio on their website.

Q 4: Ask about success stories, Testimonials, or case studies to share.

Besides, the client portfolio or asking for testimonials is also lovely to get some feedback from their existing or past clients with their contact details.

You can contact them by email or call them and ask them about their feedback.

Q 5: How do you plan to increase your website’s organic traffic?

The way search engines work allows for practices that temporarily manipulate rankings.

However, some SEOs use tactics that can increase organic traffic. But this is only temporary until search engines refresh their algorithms.

You can also ask them for a draft outline of how they plan to increase your traffic to get a better idea of what to expect for the first months of your cooperation.

You are looking for companies that use techniques and Google best standards and practices that will gradually increase your traffic without taking any risks or trouble.

Q 6: How does pricing work?

When interviewing your potential SEO partner, you need to make sure that you understand how their pricing works.

How do they charge you for their work?

Is it per project, per hour, or monthly?

How much will you have to pay and when?

 Do they provide a detailed report of the tasks performed and related costs?

It is better if they accept to get paid after completing their work (for example, at the end of each month) rather than getting paid in advance.

Q 7: How do you measure the progress/success of an SEO campaign?

Many SEO metrics can be used to measure progress of an SEO campaign.

It takes time to work, and you should not expect to hit your targets from the first months.

What you can do in the meantime is monitor.

Most black hat SEO practices are connected with link building. Incoming links can affect your SEO performance in many ways.

Natural links can boost your SEO and rankings, while non-natural links can get you into trouble as Google does not like unnatural links since this is against their guidelines.

Q 9: How does communication work

Communication is vital. If you choose to hire a prominent SEO company, you need to ask them in advance to give you a single person you can contact to ask any question about your SEO campaign.

Q 10: Ask if you have the availability to work on your project

It is common for companies to want to get as many new clients as possible since this will give them more work and income.

The result is that new and existing clients are dissatisfied because of the slow service.


You need not ask every SEO agency/SEO consultant each of these questions. Make sure to evaluate some questions for each Digital Marketing Agency, but the remaining questions can be a great source of additional analysis.


What questions should I ask an SEO company?

Ask them questions about their portfolio on their website, valuable clients, their practices, pricing, and the contract.

What is SEO hiring?

The SEO specialist improves the ranking of a website on a Search Engine like Bing, Google, Yahoo etc.

Why should you hire SEO help?

The right SEO will get you on the path to making thousands of dollars per month, but a lousy SEO could ruin any existing search traffic you get. So It’s important to choose carefully.

What should you look for when shopping for SEO services?

Shopping for an SEO company is just like shopping for a particular thing. It needs to see reviews, testimonials, case studies, and who were their past clients. You shouldn’t expect an SEO company to hand over their entire address book, but they feel happy to give examples of 2-3 big-name clients.

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