Top 7 Content Optimization Tools

Top 7 Content Optimization Tools for SEO

Mastering the Search Engine Optimization techniques is among the basic requirements of running a website.

It’s ideal to have hands-on experience about the technicalities of Search Engine ranking, as search engines keep changing their ranking policy over time.

But performing these techniques by yourself can be a pretty hectic job. It may take hours or days to find the right ranking keywords to feature in your website’s content. Plus, you have to ensure other factors like content uniqueness and length.

Luckily, plenty of online tools bring you the best optimization techniques, suggestions, and options to attain better ranking and impressions on your web pages.

This article has recommended some of your website’s most widely used content optimization tools. We will also discuss features of each device to state how they can be helpful to your website.


If you’re looking for a credible tool that brings you ranking for writing optimized content, Semrush can seamlessly do that job for you. Using this tool, you can gather data on specific terms and trends entered in the search engine.

Besides keywords, you also get information on trending ads and product listings to assist Amazon affiliate content writing.

With this tool, you can watch your competitors learn about their strategy, trending keywords, impressions, and clicks on their web pages.

You can build your strategy to apply on your web pages and websites by performing competitor analysis.

Depending on the search volume and ranking score for specific terms, you can determine your content’s keyword density ton feature.


  • Search volume on specific terms and keywords
  • Generates ranking keywords on a website’s web pages
  • Provides informational backlinks relevant to your website’s content


While surfing the internet, search engine optimization experts constantly struggle to find suitable tools. And it seems nearly impossible to find all the solutions in one place. However, Prepostseo can make that happen for you.

Prepostseo online tools provide a complete set of utilities and applications to help you create search engine optimized content.

This website provides all-in-one solutions for content writers and web admins, from finding relevant backlinks to writing plagiarism-free content.

The stand apart attribute of this tool is that it offers several options and services for free. You don’t have to register or pay anything to try its feature. Moreover, some of its features are entirely free to use.


  • Provides on-page SEO support like keyword density checker and backlink generator
  • Free paraphrasing and text summarization service supporting lengthy wordcount
  • Includes plagiarism checker and grammar checker option in a single interface


This online tool provides many options to assist domain search, content marketing, and website management all in one place. All these options combine to build a search engine optimization strategy.

With this tool, keyword research becomes a lot easier. This tool provides you with a complete list of keywords, ranking, search volume, and density information on a web page. It also fetches information from social media accounts and the DA/PA authority of a website.

Practically it helps you generate a complete SEO audit of a website to analyze your competitor’s website. Examining the details of published content on their websites, you can highlight any areas of improvement required on your web pages.


  • Gives detailed audit on competitors and extracts targeted keywords
  • Provides information on competitors’ website ranking
  • Generates a list of authors who write for ranking competitors


Do you want to write compelling, easy-to-read, error-free content for your website? EditPad can be your online writing assistance for that.

If we talk about optimized content, there is a particular criterion. It has to be plagiarism-free, grammatically correct, and easy to read.

EditPad brings you all the options without asking for registration or payments. This rich text editor offers online file draft-saving support so your website content won’t be lost even if you suffer an accidental shutdown.

No application or extension installation is required. Just access the website and press enter to write down your notes. If you want to get an offline copy, you can also download your document anytime.


  • Online text file saving services
  • Text summarization and grammatical checking service
  • Includes plagiarism checking and paraphrasing option


On-page SEO strategy is ineffective without backlinking, and Linkody is all about generating high-quality backlinks. This tool creates complete data about who is linking to a website. Using this tool, you can quickly identify if a spam source is linking to your website.

This tool also includes additional features like report generation on the website’s linking performance. You can also monitor a website’s social shares. This tool’s pricing details are pretty affordable compared to other link-building devices online.


  • Analyze a website’s backlinks
  • Generates backlinking report and social share monitoring data
  • Offers connection support with Google Analytics


This online tool is a website grader that scores your site’s performance and generates a simplified report card. Enter a link in the website’s input bar, and it’ll provide you a score with a percentage on improvements and errors.

The ideal feature is the improvement suggestions this tool provides after analyzing your website’s content. You can follow the idea to make changes for improving the search engine optimization of your website’s content.


  • Generates accurate score on the website’s status based on usability and performance
  • Provides suggestions to improve the SEO of your website
  • Analyzes backlinks and domain authority of your page


Serpstat is the new entrant in the online-based SEO application game. This tool provides web-based solutions for content marketers. On this website, you’ll find various options like SEO audit tool, backlink analyzer, and competitor analyzer.

This tool includes all the solutions for SEO experts on its dashboard. It also offers a project-oriented system that categorizes websites into specific groups to keep things manageable.


  • Provides on-site audit generation
  • Offer options to monitor your regional and global level competition
  • Compatible interface for any browser or operating system


Content is the main element that appears on a website’s interface. It tells about the features a service a site has to offer. Based on this content, search engines rank a website which ultimately draws traffic to web pages.

We must optimize our website’s content to appear in top search engine page results for better reach and clicks.

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